Yokohama Nagori I

Yokohama Nagori_2014.jpg
Yokohama Nagori_2014.jpg
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Yokohama Nagori I


40” x 40”
Mixed media on wood
(Nagori translates to "relic, memento, a remainder from the past")

As a child, from 1986-1990, I lived in Yokohama, Japan with my family. Yokohama is a port city, and used to be a small fishing village but has grown into the 2nd most populous city after Tokyo. Even at that time it was still not common to see so many foreigners so my family and I were regularly stared at and photographed. In contrast to Tokyo, where we moved in 1990, I remember it being very green. We lived next to a large park which I played in nearly every day. It was a fairly quiet place to live, but close to a lot of activity. Each year during the sakura (cherry blossom) festival, the park would fill with people eating and drinking and celebrating the flowering trees all hours of the day and night. I loved where we lived, enjoying all the new sights and sounds, knowing that what I was getting to experience was pretty unique and special.

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