My creative process is about letting go, trusting and not over-thinking. Getting out of the way of my intuition.

I do a fair amount of exploration before I begin to work. Much of that happens in a sketchbook. It helps me to start small, to play with composition, color, shape. 

The pages of my sketchbook are a combination of getting visual snapshots of my memories on paper, writing notes, thoughts, words, and playing with composition, size, and materials.

Rarely do my paintings exactly follow a sketch - rather, they serve as entries to a jumping off point. But then once I start to paint, I follow whatever happens in the moment.



I use a lot of mixed media when I paint. I combine, mix, and layer media in my paintings: pencil, pastel, collage, textiles, sand, plaster, photographic transfer, etc, in addition to paint. I prefer to work mostly on wooden boards that I build which can be between 2" to 4" deep, allowing the painting to continue around the edges, and eliminating the need for a frame. There is a quality and texture about wood that I can't get with canvas.

I also enjoy working on paper. My favorite surface is handmade cotton or linen from India with a deckled (uncut) edge. I work with a natural frame around each painting so it can be framed without the need for a mat. Each painting is sealed with my hanko, or unique seal, and signed and dated on the back (or front if it's paper.)


The space in which I create is important. Then again, making can happen anywhere! In my studio, you'll always find a wall of inspiration, piles of clippings to refer to, boxes filled withe materials and colorful things that I may want to use, books, photos, and a variety of tools.

My studio space has varied in space and location: my parents' garage, a foam factory in Somerville, MA, a work-live loft in Boston, the corner of small bedroom in Tokyo, a studio in Jordan with marble floors and an outdoor garden, a tiny cement "cell" in NYC with no window. Today my studio is in our attic with lots of natural light, though you can probably find art supplies in every room of our house ;)