Filiz Soyak is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores identity through memory, time, and place.
After becoming a mother in 2016, her work turned further inward seeking meaning through intuitive processes. Meditation and breath has become an integral connection to her work.

Filiz was born in 1979 in Belgium to a Turkish father and Swedish mother. By the age of 5 she knew that visual art was her calling - a way of communication, expression, and processing life's experiences and memories. Her heritage, travels, and wanderlust provide continuous inspiration and perspective.

She spent most of her childhood in Europe and Japan, before living in the Northeast U.S. After earning a B.A. in Visual Art from the University of Vermont, and a M.Ed. in Visual Art Education from Lesley University, Filiz spent a year living in Jordan, and another year in Barbados teaching art and design, before moving to Brooklyn, New York in 2010.

Since 2000, Filiz's work has been widely exhibited and collected internationally, including permanent museum collections.

In 2017 she moved with her husband and daughter from Brooklyn, to Hudson, New York in search of a more grounded, conscious, and creative lifestyle.

In 2018 Filiz opened up her studio and storefront in Hudson where she shares her work with the public next to the curated works of other artists working in clay, textiles, metals, and wood.