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10 From 20 to 30

(The Boston Globe, Boston/MA, 2006)
In 2006, Filiz was interviewed by local journalist Scott LaPierre of The Boston Globe for his video story on ten twenty-somethings who were helping define Boston.

'They live in Boston for reasons as diverse as their interests. For Filiz Soyak , 26, an up-and-coming artist living and painting in the Fort Point artists' community, Boston's advantage is the way so much culture and diversity is packed into the relatively small area it occupies.

"It's a city, but it's not huge, it's not overwhelming," she said. "Boston's a little slow, yet it has so many cultures, so many neighborhoods, and everything has its own personality."'

Visit this link for LaPierre's multimedia piece.

Soyak's Art Covers Here, There and Everywhere

(Daily Yomiuri, Tokyo/Japan, October 2003)

While living back in Tokyo, after the opening of Filiz's solo show at Gallery Ef, Daily Yomiuri Staff Writer Annabel Wright sat down with her to learn more about Filiz, her work and the show.

Most of the canvases are less direct and demand more from the viewer in terms of imaginative interpretation.

Click here to read the full article.